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Hi all.

I have a couple of questions.

The patched pdfreader will be included in the next firmware? (If so, maybe I can wait till then. BTW: is there a tentative schedule for the next release?)

When I add a bookmark to a file (either pdf, epub or djvu) where is it saved? In the file itself or in some kind of database somewhere else?


PS: I have read about 20 out of 80 pages in this thread, here and there, but I didn't find an answer to those questions, so please forgive me if I missed something.

PPS: given the dimension of this thread which makes it difficult to find info and given the fact that the manual is by far the worst side of the M92, maybe it could be a nice idea to open a new thread without discussions but just faqs (with anserws...) and howtos about the most requested topics.
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