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Ereader with subfolders

Hi! Sorry if this is something obvious, but I've been having trouble cooking up info on this on the web. It seems like it's either something people think everyone knows about or no one knows about, I'm not sure.

Okay, so I'm looking for an ereader to read a large number of (let's say epub files, they can be anything though - mobipocket, for instance, so if Kindle works for this format is not an issue) files that don't have any sort of metadata information (author, genre, etc), just a title which I want to keep as just the title of the file, rather than having to name things "author-series-title" or something like that (because that would make the titles often ridiculously long). In other words, difficult to search through, because I have to know the name of the file I'm looking for.

SO - I want an ereader that has the ability somehow, someway, whether it's plugged into a computer and using some kind of software to organize this into not just folders, but most importantly SUBFOLDERS. All the ereaders I've looked at in the stores and online have the ability to make shelves/collections/whatever, but not SUB-shelves/SUB-collections. This is annoying. I thought of using a work around by naming my folders "Mainfoldername-Subfoldername1" followed by "Mainfoldername-Subfoldername2" etc, and keeping them alphabetically organized, but as most ereaders don't have a way to quickly scroll through a large number of folders. For reference, I currently have 19 folders with more than 100 subfolders inside them - using this method would mean having over 100 shelves to scroll through.

Currently, I keep all these files on my ipad organized on Dropbox, but I really want the paper-like screen, size (the ipad doesn't fit in my purse, but an average 6" ereader would) and battery life of an ereader.

I've found some places that seem to indicate that you can plug some ereaders into your computer and just make folders and subfolders on the device from there, and the ereader will display them appropriately, but it's a mixed bag as to WHICH ereaders do this. Some people say Sony does, but that the ereader also messes with the folders/files. Some people say the Kobo can't do this. Some people say the Kindle might do this? It was kind of unclear from what I was reading. Please note I live in Canada and so far as I know at the moment, Nook is not an option. Also note things like ergonomics/speed/harddrive space/etc are not really issues - even as PDFs as they are right now the 1400-odd files I'm talking about only consume about 1GB of space.

Thanks for any help m(_ _)m
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