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Universal Allmine for thr full size EE


I noticed in thread #2 you mentioned that there were two separate packages for the PE and the EE.

Then in thread #9 you said that you had combined them. the link in #9, (and later refs) goes to a page that says "invalid attachment specified"

Is the download in thread #2 the one that contains the latest combined version?

I just want to be sure before update my EE with the wrong package..


Originally Posted by Burgher View Post
Great! Now, this is ridiculous. This exactly night I've also made a new Allmine update, but separate packages for EE and PE, and was just about to create a topic about it. No point to do it now, of course, but still I'll post my results here.

My updates too work flawlessly on both EE and PE. Like yours, vldmr, they do fix serial numbers for all eDGe colors, not only black units like the original Allmine. I place them here just because they address one issue that yours currently doesn't: they fix library regardless of whether it is located in internal memory or on SD card.

Update: modified vldmr's Universal Allmine to patch library on SD card if one is found. See in attachment. My previous separate files removed.

Update 2: added support of shorter than 13 character serial numbers.
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