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Epub to Mobi file saved as iTunes??

I have an epub version of a free (no DRM) book that I am trying to convert to MOBI to put onto my Kindle Fire HD.

The process seems to work, I get no errors. However, when I go to transfer the newly converted file to my Kindle, the new file has been saved (on the computer) as type "iTunes Music Player" and of course does not show up on my Kindle when I transfer it. Is there some sort of setting (I can't find it) that will change this? Why is it doing this and how do I get it to work on the Kindle? I did not change any of the default settings.

Here is the log:
Trimming unused files from manifest...
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0009.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0010.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0011.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0012.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/content/content-0013.xml' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0002.jpg' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0003.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0004.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0005.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0006.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0007.png' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0001.jpg' from manifest
Trimming u'OEBPS/data/content-0008.png' from manifest
Creating MOBI Output...
Serializing resources...
Splitting markup on page breaks and flow limits, if any...
Creating KF8 output
Generating in-line ToC
Generating KF8 markup...
Compressing markup...
Creating indices...
MOBI output written to C:\Users\Bev\AppData\Local\Temp\calibre_0.9.13_tmp _u4tgvp\
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