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Device: Kindle Touch 3G
Kindle Touch wonīt jailbreak, keeps reviving deleted data

I hope the gurus in this board have an idea whether my Kindle Touch is somehow posessed by Gremlins or just very creatively broken.

Hardware: Kindle Touch 3G (special offers) Firmware 5.1.2

Today I received a replacement unit for said Kindle, becaus eit kept developing problems in relation to going online etc. so Amazon kindly sent a replacement unit and told me to scrap this one. I figured, since itīs bound for the scrap heap anyway, I might as well use it to try out the jailobreak and some modifications, using it just offline (since Amazon deactivated and blocked the unit, of course).

I followed the instructions in the Wiki, both the simple method and the universal method. In both instances, noting happend when I restarted the device, other than that
  1. it restarted (and without going into diagnostic mode in case of the universal method)
  2. suddenly it showed my name again and the documents I had previously deleted from the homescreen were back

I deactivated my account again, deleted all the documents from the homescreen till it was empty save for the dictionaries. Tried the universal method again, deleted the two Calibre metafiles from the root that had suddenly re-appeared as well, restarted and again, there was the device registered to my account again and the previously deleted documents were back as were the two calibre metafiles deleted previously via Windows File Explorer.

It completely blows me how a deregistered device can suddenly have my account data back on it and how the deleted documents suddenly become undead and re-appear.
  1. Would anyone have an idea how I could proceed to try the jailbreak?
  2. Would anyone have an idea how I can safely and permanently delete my account data and all information from the device without it coming back after a restart? Maybe to use as a offline-only backup reader?

Thanks for any helpful hints,

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