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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Huh? Please explain what was factually wrong in what I wrote. Unlike the hardware Kindles, the Kindle app for iOS does not allow you to export your highlights and notes, which is a major flaw, and is one of the reasons (by no means the only reason) why I would call Kindle for iOS a sub-par product. That said, the Kindle app for Android is a lot worse still.

As to your workaround, Jack, you only described how you can synchronize your highlights and notes across various Kindle devices or Kindle apps. (With the inability to side-load books being a major stumbling block.) However, that's different from exporting your highlights and notes. If the original poster has (unlike me) completely replaced his hardware Kindle device with the Kindle app on the iPad, he seems to have lost the ability to export his notes and highlights. (If the Kindle app for Mac OS or Windows can do it, I will happily apologize, but last time I checked, they were extremely crude, bare-bones apps.)
Gents [Jack and Fatterson]. I think we have a workaround that still gives you syncing across Kindle/iPad and also save the separation of Church and State (i.e., the MOBI from the *.MBP companion Notes/Highlights file. I followed another blog's suggestion and e-mailed the MOBI file to my iPad using [my name]]. It is then treated as a personal document. I then highlighted a few paragraphs and synced. I went back over to my Kindle, synced and the highlights I made on the iPad were there. BEST yet, when I mount the Kindle as a hard drive under Windows Explorer, the *.MBP file is there AND separate from the MOBI [clean text] file. A little Kludgy, but exactly what I needed - my highlights are now not trapped because the MOBI book I am highlighting is a "personal document". You can get more info here:
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