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Calibre Portable and Cloud Storage

I've been using Calibre Portable loaded onto a USB drive with the libraries in my Skydrive without too many problems for the last year or so, but recently I tried installing Calibre on the Skydrive itself. My problem is two-fold:

1. Every time I opened Calibre on a different computer, I had to manually change the file path for each library. Is there a work around for this, or is it something I should just live with?

2. When I loaded Calibre into Skydrive, I could open it just fine on my laptop, but when I try it on the desktop, the Task Manager shows the process has started to run and then it just disappears. Is it possible to use cloud storage with Calibre in this manner? I only switched because I kept forgetting my USB drive at home/work.

Thanks guys!

BTW, I run Windows 7 Ultimate on all machines.
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