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My goal is to create a discussion about topics that have not been covered here before, adding to the knowledge base, as well as learning more about SVGs in regards to what works on Kindle and iPad.

It is an exiting way to create interesting layouts without the need for fixed layout, and from what I can Google there is not much coverage of it in regards to what works in eBooks. Me and dgatwood had interesting discussions on the topic of SVG balling our ideas back and forth. Except for this one thread title, I even paid attention to making easy to find titles for the threads so people can find them easily here and on Google.

I am here to give and receive, I already gave some input on another persons SVG thread, then dgatwood gave his input as well. I will most certainly use my attained knowledge to earn money by making better looking eBooks, and so can anybody who reads my threads. I think we are doing good things here. And while I get better I will be able to offer more help.

That's why people even share their information, what comes around goes around.

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