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gaspine began at the beginning.
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got a "Internal Server Error", in cause the .httacces, on line:

<Files fetch.php>
XSendFile on

(i'm using :

error is :
[Wed Jan 09 09:04:09 2013] [alert] [client] C:/UwAmp/www/cops/.htaccess: Invalid command 'XSendFile', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

this 2 lines cause the same error :

#XSendFile On
#XSendFileAllowAbove on

of course i don't have the mod_xsendfile on this comp
(in the nas, it's compiled with and work fine

for bypass the error, we can include a test of mod installed (apparently cops work fine without xsendfile on this uwamp package :
<IfModule mod_xsendfile.c>
<Files fetch.php>
XSendFile on

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