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Hello, I installed and ran on my Kindle, but I am having problems. It's only moving part of the collection assignments when run on my Kindle and after restart.

For example, today I assigned 18 books to go into Nonfiction collection, and after using it on my Kindle and restarting, I found only 13 got moved into that collection. The rest are still out in the home pages of the Kindle.

Is there something I am doing wrong? It only moved about 2/3 of sample books I tagged to my New Samples collection too. Any ideas off the bat?

I imported the existing collections into Calibre from the Kindle, using the custom column instructions. If it wasn't working at all, I don't think it would move any books into any collections, so it seems to be installed correctly, and I used the Imported Kindle Collection column, and the drop down list to assign the Collection names. I did them all the same way, but not all are moved. I'm not sure what is going on. Could anyone help?


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