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Device: Nook HD+ running CM off 64GB SD card
Calibre Companion index problem

I use a 64GB Cyanogen Mod card in my Nook HD+. USB Mass Storage mode is not supported, so Calibre cannot see the device when connected. I purchases Calibre Companion to transfer files wirelessly and it works well for that.

I travel with my Nook and keep only the books I need to read on my device while the main library stays in Calibre. When I have finished a book, I delete it off the device. In the past, with several devices including the HD+ running the stock B&N OS, this has worked fine. When I get home and plug in, Calibre sees which books are no longer on the device.

However, using Calibre Companion, when I delete books they still show up in CC and therefore in Calibre as being on the device. If I manually remove the books using Calibre, CC updates correctly. (That is, if I can remember which books to remove!)

So I assume CC has it's own index file. If so, this index file doesn't seem to update on it's own nor is there an option to manually update it. Nor could I find an option in CC to delete the book from there.

I'm not sure if this is a feature request or a bug, but manually babysitting which files are on the device seems to me to be inappropriate for a file management application.
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