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Originally Posted by BetterRed View Post
For many people the 'title & author(s)' are the primary identification for their documents - so existing collections will often have file-names with accurate title and author, whilst the embedded metadata will remain untouched because without Calibre there's no convenient way to even view it - let alone get it right.

When I was initially loading Calibre with my existing collection of 'technical' publications I would have appreciated an option to take 'title & author(s)' from the file-name and the cover & other metadata from whatever was embedded in the document. I ended up adding books to a "New Books" library, taking all the metadata from the document, and then correcting the 'title & author(s)' before moving the books to the "Main" library. I still do this with all books - even real ebooks from Amazon, B&N etc.
Yay I'm not the only one that misses this functionality!
It is frustrating that I have the information in the file names but no way of importing them unless I forgo the rest of the metadata from the file.

Originally Posted by BetterRed
"Title Case" like most things English, has no single authoritative definition see ===>>>

What you're asking for is more often called "Capital Case". What Calibre's Capitalize option does is more often referred to as "Sentence Case".
Capital Case would be a good additional option then. I name all my files and titles using capitals for the first letter of each word.

The problem is everyone wants something different!

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