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I have setup a PRS-T2 for a friend. Also the older Kindle 3. I use a Pocketbook 302 for myself.

I simply hate the Kindle collections system. The Kindle is also extremely underpowered, hence very slow, which is the real problem. With a lot of books, I find it almost unusable. I would NEVER buy one for myself.

The PRS-T2 is a lot better than the Kindle - at least the older version I have been playing with. It seems very quick. It also has a very nice cover with a built in light. It is not very configurable - much like the Kindle, I guess. Pretty basic machine. But the CPU seems very fast.

It took me hours to setup the collections in Calibre to get something workable on the PRS-T2. Calibre does not see it as a Kindle, so the Kindle plugin I use does not work. Or perhaps the plugin did not see it properly? So I kind of had to do it manually. There is a post on this forum somewhere that gives a lot of good advice on how to setup the PRS-T2. Without it, I think you would be lost. It is still very hard and time consuming, and as far as I could work out, a lot of the stuff in the 'how to' post simply did not work.

Having said all this, I was very impressed with the PRS-T2. If I see one on special somewhere, I might get myself one.
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