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managing one sync'd library across two computers


I've recently begun using my laptop to manage my ebook library in addition to my desktop. My question is: is there an easy / recommended way to 'sync' my calibre libraries across more than one computer? I have access to a web server if that's a recommended avenue...

I ask because I just fumbled about and set both calibre libraries to the same directory in dropbox, but i noticed a conflicted copy of the metadata file and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to screw things up this way.

Also, one is a PC and one is a MAC - am I just asking for trouble??



p.s: I went through some of the other dropbox-related threads I could find, but they were from 2011 or before and one mentioned changes in the works. I will only use calibre on my desktop until I hear back, and if need be I can just manually update. I just wanted to know what the best current solution was.

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