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Am I the only one looking for these specific requirements?

Hello, I'm looking for some specific features on an ereader, but haven't had any luck finding one to meet them.

I just want to read; I don't want to take notes; I don't want it to light up like a lamp; I don't want it to connect to wifi (I live in remote Alaska, it's a waste of battery power, even when "off"); I don't want it to read PDFs; and, I don't want to have to create an account.

I have a Nook Simple Touch & Kindle DX that both have abysmal power management, even with the wifi set to "off;" my wife's Sony Pocket Reader (which is about dead from being used) outlasts both those offerings in power by many weeks, and her ereader is several years old, while the Nook is 1 year old and the Kindle DX is 9 or 10 months old.

Unfortunately, I can't find another Sony Pocket Reader 300, except online and shipping in the middle of winter to Alaska sometimes ruins electronic devices. So, my parents are heading down to the States in a month and I was going to have them get a reader for me that fit my Wish List.

Any suggestions?
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