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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
That doesn't tell me anything useful, I'm afraid. It's already fairly obvious that the problem is an incompatibility between something in your environment and Qt, the trick is to find out what. The known list of such incompatibilities is here:
Yea, checked that out at the start of all this; not applicable to my setup. But our issues are not "occasionally"; they are predictable and reproducible. If there are any other debugging tools/logs I can try or look at that may be helpful, let me know!

Hopefully we can eventually get to the bottom of the issue and add a new device or driver or library to your list of "these can cause problems"



Using the "Startup" tab in the Task Manager of W8, I disabled ALL programs in the list and rebooted. It did not help.

Using the command line "msconfig.exe", I disabled ALL services, including the MS services that could be disabled. Rebooted. It did not help.

Beyond this, I don't think there is anything else I can possibly eliminate that I haven't done already. I even ran Calibre x64 in Safe Mode and it crashed. My last test will be removing two of the 8GB memory modules and try the system on 16GB rather than the full 32GB. The overnight memory tests did not show any problems, but it could be the way the system and/or Calibre is using the 32Gb memory space. I will also rotate the memory modules so they will be in different slots....hell, I will try anything!

I have looked in all the Event logs I can find, but like Kovid said, there is nothing there that points to what specific issue is interfering with Calibre. So, other than a memory removal, wiping everything and starting with a new clean install, I can't think of anything else to try.

What I would like to find is some kind of diagnostic tool ("Stepping" debug program?) that would somehow show what specific service or program is interfering. Perhaps such a tool doesn't exist? I am open to new ideas!

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