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Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
I'm not against anything that has benefit. But I am confused. Are you saying you are picky enough to ensure all of the Tags, comments, publisher, series metadata in your books is exactly the way want it but you don't fix the Author and Title while you're at it?

How is it you have a bunch of files with great metadata except for the Author and title?
No I am not saying that all the files have great metadata except for author and title.

As written previously "It's not that my book collection has authors and titles that are necessarily wrong but more that they are not formatted as I would have liked."

I would prefer to have all tags correct of course but the author and title are the priority. I would like them formatted to how I like them; which is not necessarily how they are embedded in the mobi files. Equally I don't want to lose some of the information / tags that are already on the file.

What is useful / of benefit / correct / the right way / the standard... for one person may not be for another. Equally it may be irrelevant or not important to one person but not for another. We all like to do things different!

I fully admit I get obsessional with naming conventions, tags, cover art, etc...

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