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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
I think it happens more than you think. It seems every person that codes books, seems to do it different (or enters exactly what was given, even if it violates style)

Inconsistent is probably a better word.

I am anal about a consistent Author and Title (Publisher) data

John Q. Author
John Author
John Q Author
Author, John Q.

Title: A series name (exception when Series Volume# is the title. Man Kinzin Wars: XI )
<article> Title

Don't get me started on Publisher ( chose them to pick on because all my books come direct from their source)
Baen Books
Baen Pub
Baen Publishing Enterprises

I would really like a Tri-state Metadata fill choice: Always, Never, Only if blank/undefined
(Setting Series will set Index value)
I'm glad I am not the only one then that is picky!

I am like this with all my mp3 and movie files too. I keep a folder of files that have not been correctly named and only when I have them formatted as I want them do I move them into my libraries to watch or listen too.

Hmm, perhaps I am too OCD with my files!

But yes I agree with your suggestion. A metadata choice function would be a good idea.

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