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I must be in the minority then I guess; but it would have been a good feature if it could have been done (for me anyways! ).

It's not that my book collection has authors and titles that are necessarily wrong but more that they are not formatted as I would have liked. My file names however are all correct to how I would like them for author and title. Perhaps I'm a bit too picky with the way my files and tags are named.

If I import based on the file name and then look up the tags after there is then the possibility of getting the wrong revision tags against the book.

I think I'll just have to import the books with the tags coming from the file and then have to just plough through adjusting them, which is a shame as I have the information already there in the file name.

Incidentally, when I try to capitalize every word in the title (using Title Case), why does it not capitalize words like of, a, the, etc...?

Thanks for your replies!

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