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Hi, thanks for your feedback!! :-)

I updated the web page (I missed a '-' in the link) and loaded the sources in the first post, so it'll be available in case my site will be down.

By now I'll wait for more test, and when I'll have a bit of time I'll try to improve it a little; I think it can be improved in some points:

- when creating the file, it should remove the '.pdf': by now from the file 'test.pdf' it creates the file 'test.pdf_NOTED.pdf'

- I need to test the case in which the file name is all written in capital letter (like 'UML.PDF' or 'UML.pdf'), because I think Linux does not recognize this case very well (it sees the file name with the wrong case, so it won't match the data in the metadata.db file)

- actually il loads all the scribbles from the db creating a list of Integer (Java objects); maybe loading a page at time and re-using the objects it can be more fast :-)

ps: have you tried also some DR800 file?
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