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Originally Posted by BeccaPrice View Post
I received a huge PDF from 1DollarScan. In Acrobat Pro, I saved the file as a MS Word document (6155KB); in Word, I opened the file and saved it as a filtered html document (6553 kb).

I added the html document to Calibre (it came across as a zip file for some reason; isn't that how Calibre interprets html?) I'm not trying to convert the file to mobi so I can read it on my Kindle.

it's taking *forever* to convert. (20 minutes and 67% done). this is my second attempt at converting; the last attempt stalled out around 35 minutes converting.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to get the file size down so it'll be more in alignment with other ebooks (at 6155 kb, it's about 10x the size of an ordinary ebook).

oh, yeah, I'm on Windows 7, using Word 2010.
Hi Becca,

As I am waiting for my first set of 1DollarScan pdf files, I am unable to help you.

However, I would like to request your assistance.

Assuming that you did NOT pay the additional $2 per set for High Compression, have you used Adobe Acrobat to compress any files pdf from 1DollarScan and save them to another PDF file?

If so can you give the original PDF file size vs. the compressed PDF file size with Acrobat?

If you have not done the above compression, would you (or any one else who is willing) kindly take a moment and run this test for me?

Lastly, has anyone used to Acrobat to improve the OCR on the 1DollarScan pdf, assuming you paid only for the basic OCR and not the high quality OCR?


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