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Originally Posted by AnotherCat View Post
@RichieTheK & MontyJ

I have had no issues whatsoever with Calibre 64 with Windows 8 but that with spinning drives. That includes conversions, use of a number of plugins, tweaks, etc. The installation history has been Calibre 32/Windows 7>Upgrade to Windows 8 over Windows 7>Upgrade to Calibre 64 over Calibre 32.

You both have SSD's, so a common matter there and perhaps MontyJ's "adapter error" is a further clue.

I wonder (I may have missed seeing it) if MontyJ has ever had Windows 8 and Calibre 64 running fault free on his non-SSD drive but the rest of his environment unchanged?
Win8 and SSD's are a possible common link to the problem. The fact that the 64bit version crashes in Safe Mode pretty much eliminates rogue program drivers, etc. I did try to run the debug mode on Calibre in Safe Mode, but it produced no entries at all.

And while I briefly had W8 installed on a real HD, I did not have a chance to put Caliber x64 through its paces. IF that is the issue, there should be more people come along and report the same problem which will hopefully lead to either some new W8 SSD driver tweaks or Kovid will find where Calibre has a mismatch with W8 SSD drivers in some way, as W7 x64 works fine with SSD.
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