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Public wifi access

I have the developer tools installed as well as two different versions of connection scripts and two browsers. I have no problem connecting to wireless at home (on an unsecured access point) or even syncing with a folder on my Macintosh.

Where I have trouble is trying to connect at places like Starbucks, Panera's, or similar, where (on your laptop) you would have to either put in a username and password or simply accept conditions of use on an initial web page. My laptop, for instance, has no trouble connecting to the wireless and I simply have to go through that first web page to proceed. With my iLiad, I go to iLiad Profiles to set up a network profile. The network names show up when I search, same as on my laptop. However, when I click "test" or try to connect, I get the message that the iLiad was unsuccessful in connecting.

Does anyone have a suggestion that would allow me to connect successfully to public access points such as this?


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