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Hi all,
I just found this forum! and I was excited since I did not know there are forums about ereaders (that is a shame indeed!).
I am a new member of the forum. I've had a kobo touch for a long time (like 1.5 years) and I really loved it, especially in the old days. I was really satisfied with it. But day after day and update after update, it gets slower and buggier than ever. The last problem is that I read lots of pdf files on it. And I cut the pdf files using Briss. When I open the files, I see strange behavior along with the bottom or right margin (depending on reading direction) is cut and gets larger with each update. I am now basically reading on a square screen instead of rectangle! So I decided to downgrade the firmware (and that was when I found this forum). I used this thread and downgraded to 1.9.12 which was the earliest link that worked, but still I have the edges cut. The thing is when I do a factory reset, the original version which is 1.9.4 is amazingly fast and flawless. The only thing I miss is the dictionary on it. So here is my question:
1) Is there a way I can add a dictionary to this version? (my guess, since it did not contain a dictionary originally, I cannot, but please let me know if I am wrong).
2) Can anybody give me a link for the 1.9.6 version of the firmware? since it is the earliest upgrade that contains the dictionary and the link in this thread does not work.

Many thanks everybody.

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