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Originally Posted by tuxor View Post
But I still wonder why you dropped the auto crop margins function like it used to be in the old pdf reader?! It used to work great for all cases where there were unwanted margins. But now we have only this "auto crop" which doesn't work as well as the old and shows strange dashed lines, that don't have any sense to me.
I also miss the old auto crop that worked with one tap, but it is possible to reproduce its functionality: for instance first select scrolling mode, and then auto crop level 1. The drawback is that it takes more tinkering and it can be tricky, but the new tools are also more powerful. Here's an example:

I constantly work with articles downloaded via a university connection. In this case, your downloaded copy often includes a vertical line at the far left or right of every page, mentioning something like "downloaded from www. via University So An So on 5 January 2013". The old auto crop tool did not exclude this line, so I was only getting rid of the margin on one side of the page. But with the new tool it's possible to crop both left and right margins: Firstly set (universal or odd/even) margins, secondly select "to width", thirdly select "paper mode".

BTW, a small request. Booxtor, please make the selection boxes bigger on i62. While this tool is outstanding, I tend to have difficulty selecting the boxes with my (average sized) fingers.
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