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Hiya ereader dudes

I realised this thread is a tad cryptic as to what "The Utterly Amazing Brain Of Ignatius Cramp" is all about ... so here's some blurb


Have you ever heard voices in your head? Not pretend voices you make up yourself, that have foreign accents you canít really do properly, but very real, very clear, very weird, very annoying voices. What if theyíre coming from a tiny alien spaceship? Bet thatís never happened to you. But it happened to 13 year old Ignatius Cramp.

Getting a family of four galaxy-hopping tourists (and their pet sabre-tooth tiger) that have crash-landed in your brain back to their home planet is as hard as it sounds; especially when dark forces conspire to open your head with a tin-opener (or any other handy head-opening implement).


Here's to 2013! Lang may yer lum reek!

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