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Flash and Discover Bar

I bought a Kobo Arc at Christmas and after a week or so of playing around I am completely happy with it. That graphics are fine - the volume is fine, the battery life is not a problem though as with all android devices playing some games with heavy graphics drains it more quickly; for travelling with wifi turned off and just playing a few light games and reading it lasted more than long enough.

Thanks to this thread I have successfully installed flash from the website indicated above. The latest update did not work with Firefox: all flash objects loaded to a black screen, however the second to last one worked great no glitches at all.

I have also removed the images from the discover bar as indicated above - this worked fine as well (I disconnected from internet, marked all current items as not interested, and then disabled the app). This caused one problem:

With discover disabled, when I created a new tapestry which was created but immediately received a message stating "tapestries has stopped" to which I clicked ok, and everything continued as normal with the new tapestry in place. The same message appeared when I wanted to rename the new tapestry, and although clicking okay allowed me to continue as normal, the tapestry remained unnamed. To name the new tapestry I had to deactivate wi-fi, reactivate discover, name tapestry, then deactivate discover and switch back on internet. It took me longer to type that sentence than it took me to carry out the process, so its not a big deal at all.

Discover in theory is a good idea, but the bar keeps showing me items I have already refused, and the last straw was when it seemed to have fixated itself with the idea that I would like a comic about Mary Magdalene saving the world from aliens, volumes 1 - 1100, and just kept filling up with those despite repeatedly clicking that I, REALLY, am not interested.

I would love to see a feature where the discover bar could be customized, so for example I could have it show me only articles and books, but not music, or only books in English (it keeps showing me italian books because I'm in Italy). It would also be nice to be able to reclaim that space - the Kobo is attractive because of the high screenlastic ratio, but this looses something when I am not in control of such a large portion of my home screen. Maybe they should just change discover into and App, which I can open if I want to easily locate new material (as long as it manages to successfully identify my interests...perhaps through me choosing categories a bit like on stumbleupon...).
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