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Since 9.11 x64 version, I have constant crashes and is simply not usable. The x32 works fine.

Running Windows 8 Pro x64, 32GB RAM
My C: drive is a SSD, and all installation and library files are on C:

I have uninstalled, cleaned, rebooted, reinstalled, etc. but the problem remains. Problem seems global, seems to happen any/everywhere. ie I can convert a single book (epub to mobi) just fine in x64, but if select multiple books, it crashes. If I make an adjustment in tweaks, it crashes when I "Apply" it. And other areas as well with no apparent pattern. When I restart x64, those changes I make in prefs are applied, even though it crashed when I made them.

I do see a significant speed increase using x64 and would like to get it stable like x32 is.
I am trying some plugins like Import List, Find Duplicates, etc.

Any ideas?

Thanks. Monty

[edit] I just tried 64bit v9.10 and have the same problems, so was wrong about it just starting with v9.11. At this point I haven't a clue...

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