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Throwing my hands up in the air

I was having issues with the Sony E-reader library (despise it), found Calibre and I was so excited with the possibilities!
I can't open ANY of my e-books. Not any bought from Google or the Sony Store. The DRM window keeps popping up. I would rather not purchase a DRM removal program. Matter of principal. I bought the books, I should be able to download them and read them on ANY device using any management program I so choose. (Maybe that's a naive viewpoint considering territorial Kindle and Nook but, that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
My PRST Sony Reader's screen was damaged and I am not going to replace it due to above mentioned loathing for the library (and some other issues).
I have purchased an off-brand android tablet, in the hopes that some aps will work with it and I could access ALL of my books from all places purchased and downloaded from. Will Calibre work with an android device?

In the spirit of KISS:
How do I get past the DRM in Calibre with my Google and E-reader format books?

Thank you!
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