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Please help me decide on a replacement for my beloved Sony PRS 650

Hi guys! Well my much loved 650s screen went haywire and after spending 2 hours having a row in Curry's, they have finally agreed to send me a cheque, as they had nothing I wanted to replace it with.

I can't decide what to replace it with though. All the reader's available in the UK at the moment seem cheap and too restricting. I don't really want to hack a device in order to read epubs and I played with the T2 in store yesterday, it felt cheap and just wasn't as nice or intuitive to use as the 650.

I've got a mix of 1600 books in epub, pdf and txt files, all perfectly numbered in their correct order and dutifully sorted into 200 or so collections. I've set Calibre up so that when I send to device, it uses the series metadata I've created to put it straight into the correct collection. Everything is fully backed up and ready to be sent to a new machine. I'm not sure how the collections feature works on other devices though and it is extremely important to me, as I read a lot of series and without having them neatly organised into collections it would be extremely hard to navigate through them all.

My other concern is backlight v no back light v tablet/lcd. I read for long periods of time and have really bad eyes to begin with. I've always avoided anything with a backlight as I assume they wouldn't be comfortable to use for long periods of time. I was browsing tablets, but the battery life on them all seems abysmal, plus none are as small as my 650 and they're all pretty heavy. I also like to read in the sun pretty much any time the sun comes out, so I need something that will work brilliantly in those conditions too.

I've already spent a small fortune on my 650, 200 for the machine, 25 for the SD card, 45 for the lighted case, $15 or so for my custom vinyl skin and 89 for extended warranty. Over 360 and all I'm getting back is my original 200. I know I should probably get over it and get the T2, but after spending all that money it feels like a massive downgrade. I really disliked it when I saw it yesterday.

I'm sorry to waffle on, I'm just so upset. I can't find anything comparable to the 650 and they are getting impossible to find now. I spent months researching devices before deciding it was the perfect one for me. I don't really fancy spending 100++ on ebay for ex display models with scratches and missing the stylus. Damn Curry's took everything from me, so I've not got the cable or stylus any more either.

I'm right in the middle of a book, which I can't read now except on my laptop! Please help me decide on something to replace it with, I'm driving myself mad here.
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