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Just a quick update (and thanks for the further info Kingpr)

I emailed kobo customer service 48 h ours ago sending pics of my kobo and giving full details of purchase, my address etc so they can advise me what to do next. Oddly, up until now they've been very quick to reply. As of this moment in time I've not have a reply. Makes me kind of feel that they're happy to help unless things go very badly wrong in which case they don't seem to give a flying fig!

I WILL be heading to WHSmith tomorrow (Saturday) I'm hoping they'll return the Crap...err.. I mean Vox to Kobo on my behalf or maybe give me a replacement. Not bothered what they do as long as they sort it. I have already purchased a Nexus and I'm very pleased with it and wont be going back to the Vox even if it gets sorted. The Nexus is much more responsive than the Vox and having downloaded the Kobo app I'm able to read all the books from my library (I couldn't figure out how to load my books into the onboard app which is far superior to the Kobo one - but hey- as long as I can read my books I can put up with it!)

I'll let you know how I get on with the Vox at my local WHSmith. I'm a bit concerned that I don't have the original reciept and hope they'll accept a copy of my credit card statement.

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