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"New" Reader for PC software question

I have a couple of questions about the "new" Reader for PC software. I just updated to it tonight & I'm already really concerned about the format. I buy direct from publishers as well as use the Reader Store so I have books in my library from various sources. Since I read a lot of series & authors & I HAVE to be able to read the books in order I set up collections a long time ago. With the new software, when I connect my Reader (it's a PRS515) will the collections themselves & the book order within the collections load back into the library software properly? I'm watching the books SLOWLY populate the library now & I'm panicking at the thought of having to manually reset all the collections & populate them (I have over 1400 books & over 40 collections). Other question is for anyone with a lot of books in their library - I finally updated to this in large part because of the hang delays in the old software - has Sony finally fixed that or am I better off reloading the old software back onto here? Thanks.
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