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Do exactly this, I did. I bought my first Vox from WHSMith in Dec 2011. After 6 months I had this problem. Kobo said return and they would repair or replace. I had to return it to the Netherlands at a cost of 50 to myself. I objected to this but Kobo basically said, tough. I got back a new Vox. when this happened again a few weeks ago I again went through to Kobo who were utterly useless. Again they wanted me to return it. I refused saying I wasn't going to spend a further 50 to do so. I took it back to Smiths who, despite the fact it was over 1 year since original purchase, gave me a full refund of the 189-99 that I had originally paid. I then went and got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7in). I got the 16Gb version which was about 214 but the 8Gb one is (I think) about 150. I got the Samsung, rather than the Nexus (which I suspect it a better device) because it has an SD slot (Nexus doesn't) and I had a lot of data on the SD card I used with the Vox (it is a useful way to transfer data, backup data etc).

My conclusion. The Galaxy tab does everything I could do on the Vox and much more. I loaded the Kobo reading app and transferred all the epub files that I had had on the Vox. It reads them just the same way and I could access the Kobo books I had bought.

I had originally opted for the Vox because I liked the flexibility of file formats that you don't get with, for example the Kindle. Go for an alternative 7 in tablet (either Galaxy or Nexus if you don't want the sd slot). I found that within hours I was back to where I had been with the vox but from a manufacturer that I trust.
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