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Originally Posted by jimbocho View Post
Huh?Say I have a file gold.pdf. I make a new directory /mnt/free/newspapers/gold.pdf. I copy gold.pdf into that directory. Then I make a manifest.xml and a scribble.irx file and also put them in the gold.pdf directory. The contents of the manifest and scribble files are very simple and can easily be created if you simply look at a sample one. How is this difficult?

Then even after the user views gold.pdf for the first time, the location of gold.pdf doesn't change, because it looks to the iLiad just like it has already been viewed (i.e. has the correct folder structure.)
Originally Posted by ericshliao View Post
Since you are doing just the same with iLiad, why not let iLiad do it for you?
Originally Posted by DigiDirk View Post
If you have a "table-of-contents.pdf" you would have to open your "target.pdf"
first via the contentlister to create the path you have coded into your table of contents.

Thats obviously not desired...

Originally Posted by CleverClothe View Post
No you don't. If a manifest file exists for your PDF, the Content Lister will not move your file. I use pregenerated manifests for all my books (to set the Title, Author and Cover the way I want them).

It also doesn't matter what the directory name is (Though I usually name it the title of the book in a way that I can easily sort).
We all agree on that. I answered to "why not let iLiad do it for you?"

And jimbocho already mentioned "pregenerated manifest" files.

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