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Take screenshot from Kobo

Thanks to this link:
we can make screenshot from our Kobo screen.

* requires telnet

run this command:
cat /dev/fb0 > screen.raw
get the screen.raw via ftp to you local computer that's running PERL.

Create a new perl script with this contents:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$w = shift || 240;
$h = shift || 320;
$pixels = $w * $h;

open OUT, "|pnmtopng" or die "Can't pipe pnmtopng: $!\n";

printf OUT "P6%d %d\n255\n", $w, $h;

while ((read STDIN, $raw, 2) and $pixels--) {
   $short = unpack('S', $raw);
   print OUT pack("C3",
      ($short & 0xf800) >> 8,
      ($short & 0x7e0) >> 3,
      ($short & 0x1f) << 3);

close OUT;
Chmod +x

after that run this:
change the resolution to your Kobo screen (I have a kobo Glo)
./FILE.SH 1024 758 < screen.raw > screen.png
And there you go, screen.png contains you Kobo Sreenshot.

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