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Workaround : Series, ignore multi-language "articles" for sort string

There is a wonderful functionality on the "title" sort string, to ignore pre-leading articles -> "title sort"
On top of it Calibres takes into account the book "language" tag to do it with language-specific accuracy.

There is a similar functionality on the "serie" sort string. -> hidden "serie sort" ?
Unfortunately this "serie sort" doesn't seem to use the "language" tag of each book but only the "default_language_for_title_sort" variable, which by default (None) use the main interface language.

--> Workaround to get "articles-free" sorted series in multiple languages :
go to : preferences - tweaks - Set the list of words considered to be "articles" for sort strings

copy the articles from your languages of interest into the list for your "default_language_for_title_sort" language.

example :
i have mainly english, french and german books, so i care only about the articles for these 3 languages.
my "default_language_for_title_sort" is None
my "main Interface Language" is English
--> the used article list for serie sort will be 'eng'

i copied all french and german articles into the english article list :

'eng': ('A\\s+', 'The\\s+', 'An\\s+', 'Le\\s+', 'La\\s+', "L'", 'Les\\s+', 'Un\\s+', 'Une\\s+', 'Des\\s+', 'De\\s+La\\s+', 'De\\s+', "D'", 'Der\\s+', 'Die\\s+', 'Das\\s+', 'Den\\s+', 'Ein\\s+', 'Eine\\s+', 'Einen\\s+', 'Dem\\s+', 'Des\\s+', 'Einem\\s+', 'Eines\\s+')

This workaround solved my issue, so maybe it can help some other people as well, and why not even motivates somebody with enough technical capacity and time to implement the functionality directly into the code... ;-)

Best Regards, and good reading !

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