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pdf broken in landscape mode - kobo glo 2.3.1

I did a quick search but didn't find appropriate results.
I just updated my Kobo Glo firmware to 2.3.1 from 2.1.5 - which was installed when I bought the device.
I try to convert everything to epub, but with some pdf files it's just not possible or at least too complicated for me to get a decent epub rendering (when they are image-heavy, when they have footnotes, etc.).
With 2.1.5, I used to read most of my pdf files in landscape mode. It was far from perfect but it usually did the job. I used to read while being zoomed in just enough to have no text trespassing the lateral borders of the screen, then I scrolled down to the end of the page, and then scrolled back to the top just before turning the page by scrolling to the far right and tapping the black area on the right.
Now with the 2.3.1 firmware, it's a no-go. Some of my pdfs are perfectly readable with no zoom at all in portrait mode, but when I have to use landscape mode (when there is too much text on each line or margins that are too big for the text to be big enough to be readable with zoom off or even with zoom on in portrait mode), it's not even barely usable.
With many pdfs in landscape mode, when zoomed in, the upper part of the screen is simply missing. The first line or the first two lines of text are simply not displayed, no matter how hard I try to scroll up. These lines show again when I switch back to portrait mode, but then again it's generally too small to be readable.
So basically I'm stuck with many unreadable pdfs (for instance, most of my public-domain philosophy books, which make heavy use of footnotes and cannot be easily converted or cropped).
Did anyone notice this issue and find a solution ?
Thanks in advance,

PS. If I can't solve this issue, I'm considering switching back to 2.1.5. Can this be easily done, given that I don't really care loosing my stats or even shelves and use that I use calibre to handle my library ?

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