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Upgrading from a Kindle Keyboard, looking at Kobo

I have to say that I'm really tempted by the Kobo Mini, but really, my Kindle Keyboard is starting to annoy me. The keyboard is too slow to keep up with my typing, it's impossible to search only through book titles, and the "Collections" system is really laborious and inadequate, and requires the Kindle to be linked to an Amazon account to function, which I'd rather not be forced to do.

Right now I'm eyeballing the Kobo Mini or Touch, but I'm open to alternatives, even another Kindle if it's a good choice. But I have a few concerns specific to Kobo first:

- How does the Kobo dictionary compare to the Kindle's two very good dictionaries? (It has its own dictionary, doesn't it? It doesn't do some horrible online dictionary thing?) I have a decent vocabulary, but being able to look up words instantly, and learn their etymology and history is extremely useful.
- All my ebooks are in MOBI or AZW format. How well does Calibre convert MOBI/AZW to EPUB (formatting errors, etc.)? (I have, to the best of my knowledge, legally bought or obtained all my ebooks.)
- Is it possible to also have all my bookmarks and notes "go along for the ride" to Kobo, and stay linked to their respective books?
- Would the eInk Vizplex on the Mini be a visual downgrade from the Kindle Keyboard?
- Does the Kobo have better book sorting than the appallingly inadequate Kindle Keyboard?

As I've said, I'm open to any ereader that's around $100. Kobo is just what's caught my eye at the moment.

Here are my other requirements:

- absolutely no advertising on it. None.
- at least as good a screen as a Kindle Keyboard, if not better
- support for taking notes and making bookmarks, and exporting them to something. I write on my books, I highlight things, it's what I do.
- slim and light form factor

- a light-up screen
- LCD screen
- 3G
- apps
- games
- bluetooth
- video capability

- a good privacy policy, or a viable (if unofficial) workaround to keep the device from transmitting my reading habits so that someone can monetize them. I don't really trust Amazon, given some of their past actions, and it does kinda bug me to have "someone reading over my shoulder." I realize that this may not be possible in an ereader, so this is only nice to have.
- better zoom levels for PDFs than the Kindle Keyboard (choices now are "page fit," which is too far out, or 150%, which is too close)
- tilt sensor

LOW PRIORITY (unrealistic stuff and features I can take or leave):
- a better browser than the lousy one on the Kindle Keyboard, which doesn't even report itself as a mobile browser to web sites
- an overall faster processor or just faster performance than the Kindle Keyboard
- support for audio out so I can plug in earbuds and play ambient music while reading
- memory expansion
- no store connected to it, ie. the device is intended to be an ereader, rather than a storefront that happens to display ebooks
- audio capability
- built in speakers

I appreciate any input folks can give. Thanks for your time!
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