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Hi guys, I have similar problems with PRS-T1 locking. I tried all sane recipes mentioned on the Internet without success... No way to cure the problem.

- OK: Power-on the reader from powered-off state.
- OK: Open any EPUB with stock reader app.
- OK: Everything works fine, dictionary works (try it multiple times).
- OK: Put reader in sleep mode.
- OK: Recover from sleep mode.
- OK: Continue to read book, go to home screen, select another book...
- ERROR: try to use dictionary during the reading. Reading app will lock, wait and force close.
- ERROR: go to home screen and open the Dictionary app, it freezes when trying to enter the search word (or it will open the menu (button) but will freeze when you press any option).
- ERROR: in certain cases if you open the Dictionary app after this happens and you check the search history you will see long random strings like "aaaasdddddddddddddddddddssssssssssssss..." as your last search word (when the reading app froze).
- ERROR: once you use dictionary (in the reading app, stand-alone), the device will become unresponsive in other apps (apps will open but will generally fail when trying to do something).
- ERROR/OK: you can try to do shutdown within software and this will work most of the time (sometimes reset will be required),
- OK: after power-up from power-off state everything works fine... until next sleep...

I am guessing that this might be caused by bad NAND FLASH/MEMORY cell? When the device enters the sleep mode something goes wrong.

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