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Extract Pubdate


Is it possible for you to create a plugin based on Extract ISBN that extracts the original year of publication?

Most books contain, within the first few pages, the copyright symbol or the word Copyright. The first occurrence of four adjacent digits after the copyright symbol or word should be the year of first publication. It would be nice if this year could be extracted and used to set the pubdate metadata field (with month and day both set to 1).

Copyright 2003 by Belfry Holdings, Inc.
Copyright 1991 by John Grisham
Copyright by John Doe 1988
by Jane Doe, 1999

I want to use this original publication year to get my books sorted by author and then by original publication year, because I like to read books from an author in the order they were published, which is most likely the order in which they were written. So I organise by author, then by publication year, then by series number or title.

Could you please let me know if this is possible for you?

Thanks in advance.

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