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Originally Posted by Gaffer View Post
I'm still running 1.9.17, and can tell you that's incorrect because I have zero shop related stuff on my home screen. What I see is the covers of my four most recently read titles in the upper 2/3 of the screen and the first four items in my short list across the bottom.

When I first got my touch, I immediately upgraded when I saw that new versions were out up to and including 1.9.17, but from that point forward, I didn't like what I was hearing and decided to wait. Now I've reached the point where I have no expectations of ever upgrading.

The marketing B.S. on the front page would really irritate me. One of the major reasons I bought my touch in the first place was that Kindle was selling a "with advertising" version for $20 less than the same version without, and it really irritated me to think that they put extra software development time into a feature that was designed to either force feed me advertising or make me pay them to stop. Kobo hadn't yet started selling that way, and as I said it was a major factor in my decision to purchase.

I was really disappointed when Kobo started doing the same, and that disappointment didn't lessen when they stopped with the two-tiered price point and decided that everybody would have to get their marketing suggestions, period. Not an issue for me currently, because as I say I'm happy with my current situation.

They've actually done themselves a disservice in my case, because I used to visit the Kobo store, but haven't done so for quite some time because I don't want to risk an automatic upgrade. I read free epubs and check out DRM'd current releases from my library, but I don't go near the Kobo store. When the day comes when I'll have to buy a new reader, I'll be looking for one that doesn't force feed advertising.
Still sporting 1.9.14 here. Best homescreen ever on the Kobo Touch. No stupid recommended lists.
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