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Originally Posted by FizzyWater View Post
I've been generally happy with my Scansoft, although it's effectiveness is ... limited? ... by how the original PDF was made. Sometimes I still get paragraph returns for every line, forced page breaks - even between words - where the PDF page ended, etc.
Yes, that is true for me, too. While it works really nicely most of the time, I do get those line breaks sometimes. However, that is very easy to cure with Word or OpenOffice.

Originally Posted by FizzyWater View Post
Lately, I've been using Mobipocket Creator. You can import PDF files and build a Mobipocket file. For each new Mobipocket file created, it also creates a HTML file and "image" folder with the pics from the PDFs. So I take that HTML file and do whatever clean-up I want and use it to create books in whatever format I really want!
Hm, can't comment on the Creator as I never got it running on my machine. The import function in the Mobipocket Reader works fine on some files and not at all on others. Might depend on the coding of the pdf?
... OK, forget what I just wrote. I just decided to give the Mobipocket Creator another try (I've got a new system). It installed without problem and started without any error messages(!) - that is a first for me :-)
It converts OK, but in my hands and for the document I tried, there are quite some more glitches in the formatting (like manual line breaks etc) than I got for the same document with Scansoft. But again, that probably depends on your pdf file. Anyway, if you can live with the manual cleanup, the Mobipocket Creator seems like an viable option to Scansoft, I think - especially since it is free!

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