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Short Story ebooks

I currently have four short story ebooks published, all of which are free to download from various sites. For the greatest choice of formats, I recommend downloading them from

Set on another world, Skylord is a short tale of a young dragon's confrontation with the price of lying.

To Sail The Dark Sea
The merchant vessel 'Persephone', fastest of her kind, is on a fairly routine run to the colonial world of Tanvella. En route, however, she encounters a derelict ship and then an unknown object which threatens to destroy her. Captain Duschelle and his crew must save themselves, and thousands of others, and reveal something deplorable, before they can hope to return home.

In Night's Shadows
One night of passion was all it took to change everything for Alex Wheland. Still, it took a long time for his stubbornness to be destroyed, in an act of depravity that shook him to the core. He woke up, at last, to the fact that everything was different. He was no longer alive.

Driven by rage and shame, he pursues the girl who brought him to this, and so enters night's shadows.

Seelie Heiress
Jenna was betrayed, her lover a cheat. What she didn't know, was that she had a secret past that involved a worse betrayal. Then the mysterious Athan appeared and changed her life forever. He revealed the truth, but his appearance also heralded danger.
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