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Device: Odyssey HD

I also have an Odyssey HD and I convert mangas using the software MangaAI from . I choose the device "Kindle Paperwhite" (same screen ^^) and runt he conversion. I get a PDF with no margin, the image are fited/cut to exact resolution of 1024*758. On the Odyssey, in the menu of PDF reading, you choose "no page number band" and "fit to screen" and normally, you are now reading your manga full screen and the Odyssey remembers the current page of course as it is a simp PDF.

You can have a 30days-trial for the software, but at $10, I just bought it ^^

The mangas get converted with better contrast, so you like it or not, but you can configure how the software performs the conversion. You can also specify for example the reading direction of your manga, if you want to generate PDF or not, if you want contrast post-processing or not and if you want landscape double-pages to be split etc.

I am very satisfied with the conversion so far. But if you find better, let us know.

Hope it helps.
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