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Hi! French Canadian here

Hi everyone,

I'm a voracious reader as well as a wannabe writer, and constantly starting projects of all kinds. I received my Kindle as a gift in the course of 2011, and as other things in my life fell into place, I decided to create my own little e-publishing company earlier in 2012.

I am French and Canadian, and have been living in Quebec for over three years now. My writing and publishing activities are exclusively in French (so I'm really happy that this forum has specific forums according to language and geographical areas), but my husband is anglophone, and most of my "technical research" on the web is conducted in English.

Speaking of research, Google repeatedly led me to this forum, and some conversations/explanations have been very useful to understanding or solving some of the problems I've had. Eventually I thought it'd be even more efficient and productive if I joined the place altogether, so here I am.

At the moment I create ebooks using Sigil, then convert the EPUB to Mobipocket format via Kindle Previewer. Encountering some difficulties which I hope we'll further explore in the forum.

And of course, happy New Year to y'all!!
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