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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
You can upgrade to 4.1.0 after installing 4.0.0 firmware. Download the firmware update from amazon, and install it. Then try registering. In my experience, some K4 demos can be registered and some cannot.
The problem with that is that the kindle doesn't recognize the update file. It remains greyed out in the settings. I was confused by this for a while but noticed that all the update files are called "Update_kindle_4.1.0_B00E". Which end in the serial code for the silver kindles only, despite the link on the amazon site suggesting the black and silver kindles would use the same file.

The black kindles serial starts with B023 and as far as I'm aware would have shipped with the 4.1.0 system software already installed. This is why i think it might need to be at this software version for amazon to connect it. While they claim it's identical other than colour the fact it has some separate options in the settings menu combined with not recognizing any of the B00E update files makes me think there are some differences.

What i really need is 4.1.0 image files so i can flash them to the kindle using the debricking method to check. If anyone could point me to where i can download them, or tell me how i could extract them from my silver 4.1.0 kindle please.

Even better if someone can extract the files from an updated working black kindle I'd be very grateful.
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