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Originally Posted by willus View Post
Very good question. You're close, but not quite right. The -mode options are actually a combination of settings. See the usage page (under -mode). Anything you put into the interactive menu will get parsed after the default options, and the later options overwrite previous ones, which is why the -ls- must be after the -mode fw option in my previous example so that it flips the destination orientation back to portrait. The easiest way to be sure to turn off all the options that are turned on by -mode fw is to put -mode def into the interactive menu (or select "mo" then "d") and then follow that with whatever other options you want instead.

BTW, the next release will be able to automatically size the output pages to the trimmed source page sizes, as you requested.
Hm, but, e.g. -col's default value is 4, but on the -mode def it's 2. Which one is used then?

And why is it that if I use -grid it doesn't leak memory, if, from what I understood, all the default options are still used? Is it because it sets -col 1?

And thanks for the added functionality - look forward to use it
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