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Managing two Kindles

I presume I am not alone and am interested in how others are dealing with this.

I have had a Kindle Touch since last Christmas. Have grown to love it and finally had enough apps to do 'things it was not intended to do' that it pretty much became my full time PDA/reader. I have a fair number of books but I actually made more use of the 'Send to Kindle' programs to put documents and other info on it so that it was my reference library.

Now I have a Kindle Fire2. Very nice. I've spent the last 5 days trying to get apps to do the sort of thing I want it to do. Think I am finally there. Well, except for managing documents.

Don't care for the Carousel much. Apparently I am not alone there. Favorites are OK but I'm building up a lot of those ... plus I have a hard time remembering what the icons stand for. Really need text captions.

Have an app called Apps Box that helps with my Apps. Stores them in folders and gives them captions. Would be nice if it did the same thing with my books and documents.

Anyhow, one of the many differences between how the Touch handled books/documents is Collections. I could classify each item and store it under the classification. So I have a Collection named Tech Docs and I can keep both Books and Documents there. On the Fire all these things are on the Carousel and you have to spin past them all to find one and they are not grouped in any useful way (that I can tell).

OTOH, it has brought to my attention how many docs I have sent to the Kindle that I have no need of any more. And how difficult it is to get rid of them.

Yes, I can knock them off the device easily enough, but they remain up in the cloud. And when I go looking for something in the cloud, I have to page past all this dross.

I haven't found any way from either the Touch or the Fire to delete stuff from the cloud. I can use my PC to browse to Manage My Kindle on the Amazon site but, even then, it is difficult. Browse thru the pages (or do a search if you know a keyword). Find the document. Choose delete. Approve the deletion. If you are quick and the web is slow you can do a second one, and then the page refreshes and you are back to the first page of documents. Makes for a very slow cleanup process.

Sorry for long ramblingness. Anyhow, it is nice to know that anything I 'Send to Kindle' for my Touch is also available in the cloud for my Fire. Just wish both the Fire and the Cloud would do collections and allow some mass management.

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