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Kindle 4NT black demo unit

I purchased 2 demo kindle units from a closing down sale. One black and one silver. I've used the guides on these forums to restore both of them to the official amazon software version 4.0.

Both restored fine however the BLACK model doesn't want to register with my amazon account no matter what i try. It also doesn't recognize update files that i put on the root of the drive, and it also won't connect to the kindle store from the settings menu.

Each time i get a message saying cannot connect at this time. There IS a working internet connection however, as i can get online successfully using the experimental browser.

I've contacted amazon and they've assured me that the serial number has not been black listed or registered by anyone else.

The only thing i can think of is that maybe the black versions will not connect to amazon directly if they are running anything less than 4.1.0 since while they are technically supposed to be the same as the silver versions they have only just come out. Another thing making me think this is that the update file on the amazon site only has B00E in it which is the serial for the silver versions not the black which is B023.

Does anyone know what i could do in this situation? Is there anywhere that i can download the kernel and main partitions for 4.1.0 to flash to my kindle? I've searched for ages without any luck finding them.

Or is there a way i could extract these images from my silver kindle which is currently running 4.1.0?

Any help would be appreciated.
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