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Originally Posted by willus View Post
I don't have quite what you want. The closest is to use the -grid option, e.g.

k2pdfopt -grid 1x2x5 ...

will split each source page into a 1 x 2 grid with 5% overlap. It will not try to break between lines, though. You also have to manually specify the device width and height with -w and -h. You could also try:

k2pdfopt -mode fw -ls- ...

This will fit the (cropped) width of the source page to the device width and put as much of each source page as it can on each destination page, breaking at intelligent places. Use -bp to force a destination page break wherever there is a source page break. If you don't want the source page margins trimmed, add -t- to your options.

Awesome. Grid option is about what I wanted. And it doesn't leak memory! Which leads me to another question: setting an option via the interactive menu (either by e.g l or -ls) takes precedence over the default mode, right? So if I set any option (even if it's not set in the default mode), the mode is ignored and only the option that I set is used?
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